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Most individuals need to undergo a process of discovery to find out what hearing care solution will work best for them. With years of experience, expertise and some of the best hearing healthcare providers in the profession, we help guide our clients through this process to ensure they find the best hearing solution for their needs.

Profile photo of Cole Crouse, B.A.

Cole Crouse B.A., NBC-HIS

Owner and Board Certified (NBC-HIS) hearing instrument specialist at Seaside Hearing (formerly Provincial Hearing), Cole Crouse is passionate about helping people hear. Since 2003, Cole has worked in the hearing profession, he recognizes that ears are as unique as fingerprints and because of this, hearing care needs to be highly personalized.

Cole completed his training in Hearing Instrument Sciences from the International Hearing Society. He has a degree in Social Sciences from Dalhousie University, where he focused on the social impacts of hearing loss and tinnitus. He also studied neuroscience at Mount Saint Vincent University. He is a member and past president of the Hearing Aid Society of Nova Scotia as well as a member of the International Hearing Society. Since acquiring Provincial Hearing Halifax in 2013 Cole has grown the business to several locations throughout the province and has now rebranded to SEASIDE Hearing. Currently operating out of Chester Nova Scotia.

Often offering services to veterans and people with workplace injuries, as well as having travelled to Haiti to offer hearing assistance, Cole and his team see first-hand the positive impact hearing can have on the quality of people’s daily lives. Believing that everyone should have access to hearing care no matter their circumstances, Seaside Hearing has established the Everyone Hears program to provide hearing aids to those who could not otherwise afford them.

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